Dayrit Sr., Francisco L.

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June 15, 1907 - March 17, 1983.

Probably the first certified fencing master in Asia, Dayrit started fencing in the early 1930s and pursued training in Italy and France. He then took up advanced Fencing Master’s Programme from Maitre D’Arme Giorgio Santelli in the United States.

As the first Filipino fencing master, he was responsible for the propagation of the sport of fencing in the Philippines. He organized various fencing clubs and introduced the sport in selected schools and universities.

He founded the Philippine Amateur Fencers Association in the late 1930s which was later incorporated in 1957. He personally worked for the recognition of PAFA with the Federation Internationale D’Escrime in 1967, and was given a Citation by the Philippine Sportswriters Association.

“Don Paco” was regarded by many Filipinos as the “Father of Philippine Fencing”.