Salem Al Qasimi attends the opening of
the qualification exams for Asian fencing referees in Dubai

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Engineer Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Asian Fencing Federation and President of the UAE and Arab Fencing Federations witnessed this morning the qualification tests for Asian Fencing referees for category “C”, which is organized by the Asian Fencing Federation and hosted by Dubai today for four days with the participation of 58 referees from 12 Asian countries, namely“ Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Hong Kong, India, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.” The tests are supervised by the Asian Referees Committee headed by Dr. Iyad Maghaireh and Mr. Kim Chang Jun, a member of the Referees Committee of the Federation. The tests on the first day include an introductory lecture for the participating referees, educational lectures and reviews of the law of the game, followed by tests on the second day in the rulers of the Epee weapon allocated the third day for the saber weapon. As for the foil weapon, the last day of the tests was allocated to it.

Engineer Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, President of the Asian Fencing Federation, welcomed the participants in the UAE, the land of love and peace, expressing his happiness with the return of the activity of the Asian Federation to work after a hiatus of more than two years due to global health conditions, stressing that the new era of the Asian Federation will witness many plans and programs to develop the work in all fields, and that the referees will receive a great deal of care and attention, as the Asian Federation will launch many programs with the aim of qualifying the largest possible number of Asian rulers to obtain the international badge so that the Asian referee will always be present in all world championships so that our yellow continent is proud of its rulers in the game of nobles.
Al Qasimi stressed that the UAE always welcomes hosting the activities of the Asian Federation, whether courses and tests for referees or any other tests for the various elements of the game,


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